Guidance in Career Transition

Susan's experience in recruiting and career counselling, as well as her coaching expertise, is a valuable combination for those going through a career change. This is a multi-session package that combines those skills to help professionals in transition.
Having placed hundreds of candidates in leadership roles in her position as an executive recruiter, Susan is well-equipped with knowledge and expertise on the needs and expectations of employers when hiring.  Through this process, Susan has counselled countless candidates on career advice and job-searching direction. Additionally, Susan holds an Executive Coaching certification and has coached clients across a diverse range of industries to define goals, achieve objectives and overcome barriers.  This combination of expertise clearly provides Susan the ability to bring value to professionals looking for guidance in their career transition, to give them the best possible chance of success.

Who can benefit from Transition Consulting?

Outplacement: If a company undergoes a reorganization which requires downsizing, this is a beneficial service for employees as they undertake a new job search.

Looking for a change: For people currently employed but considering new opportunities, whether it be within the same industry, or a complete career shift.

Out of work: For those currently unemployed and looking for some guidance to give them the best possible chance in this competitive job market.

What it offers

  • A discussion of the client’s current situation and establishing the direction he/she wants to take moving forward
  • Resume advice and editing
  • Guidance on improving or building the client’s LinkedIn profile
  • Marketing and personal branding for the client as a viable job candidate
  • Pro-active job-search advice
  • Preparation guidance for interviews

The process

The client's goals are discussed and it is established whether a three or four session package would work best, as well as the frequency of the sessions. It varies, depending on the client's needs and where he/she is in the job search process.

Join the long list of clients who have benefitted from the value Susan brings.

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