Additional services

In addition to core recruitment services, SRERC provides further value to hiring clients through providing support to internal HR teams and communications hiring managers.

Recruiting support for HR teams

In-house recruiters who cover searches in many different practice areas often don’t have the time or expertise in the specialized service areas of Corporate, Digital or Marketing Communications, Public Relations or Government Relations to efficiently sort through the multitude of resumes received from postings to identify the top prospects.  And Candidate Management Systems are not foolproof.

For HR teams who don’t have room in their budget to do a full external search, but recognize the value an expert in this service area provides, SRERC offers a great alternative.  Your company posts the job online and, for a very reasonable flat fee, Susan will manage the search of the internally-sourced candidates.

With this service, you get an expert’s analysis on the strengths and capabilities of each candidate and you will be guaranteed that the best of the applicants will not fall through the cracks.  Ultimately, you’ll make the most successful hire for your company within a short time-frame and will save money overall.

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