Is it Time to Transition Your Career?

Now into our 15th month of the global pandemic, we continue to navigate our way through the constant evolution that this seismic event has created.  It certainly has impacted many people from a career perspective, one way or another.

There are many in the corporate world who have continued working remotely in their roles throughout the pandemic, with all of the adjustments that entails.  However, as we work our way through the thirdwave, some companies continue to make changes as they adjust to evolving challenges, such as decreased sales or productivity, or changing priorities.  These demands may require them to downsize further, or in worst-case scenarios, they may have no choice but to close up shop.

While many businesses have been struggling, there are a number of others, based on the product or service they provide, that have been busier than ever.  These companies continue to grow and hire.

Due to these circumstances, there is some volatility in the current job market.  Whichever scenario, the one constant – as they say – is change.  There are some professionals looking for a new role due to a layoff (or the expectation of one), some considering a new job due to changing responsibilities or a desire for something new; and still others contemplating a new career altogether.  

Some job-seekers have determined they need or desire practical help to create the best opportunities for themselves.  If you are among them, Career Transition Consulting may be the key to getting you to the next level.  Services offered by consultants include guidance with resume and cover letter writing; advice about LinkedIn positioning, benefits and profiles; online marketing and general guidance on career-direction.  For professionals seeking a deep-dive into building self-awareness, improving leadership skills and overcoming challenges - among other things - executive coaching would be the more suitable option.

Typically, a Career Transition Consultant (CTC) is either hired by the individual directly, or by an organization as an outplacement service for employees they are laying off. The CTC and client usually work together for several sessions, but that can vary depending on the needs of the client.

A Career Transition Consultant works to help professionals determine the direction they want to go and position them in the best possible light, as they take the next steps in their career.        

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